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  • Designed to support experiences of trauma

  • Build hope & healing through an immersive story with supporting resources

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  • Help children build awareness of their individuality  

  • Children learn strategies for building confidence 

  • Meet the Mighty Mini Monsters to discover our internal strengths! 



  • Ready to blast off! Children learn coping skills to deal with transition and change

  • Support them to find new confidence and self-belief 

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  • Hop on board the BEAR EXPRESS and help children develop an emotional language for their worries and anxiety.    

  • Help them learn to externalise their worries and build self-regulating skills 

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  • Specially developed accessible stories, poems and videos to enhance our programmes

  • Easy-read versions of our popular resources for children, young people and families 



  • Family support as part of the wider wellbeing agenda

  • Key Theme workshops, bookable wellbeing discussions and In-person presentations to support parents & carers

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  • Takes a unique approach in encompassing mindfulness and meditation techniques.

  • Uses resource-based theory to aid self-reflection and self-regulation.

                                 with Me

  • Making friends isn’t easy for every child and it can really impact the way they feel in and out of school 

  • Children will create their own ‘toolbox’ of skills to enhance their connection to peers.

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  • Breakdown of family relationships is hard for everyone involved. 

  • Support children through and help them make sense of the world which is changing around them.

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  • Specially designed programmes and resources to support parents and carers of younger children

  • Includes our own "Clove the Caterpillar" Storybook and Parent Support Workshops

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