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specialist certificate in counselling children & young people

specialist certificate in counselling cyp

For trained counsellors, this short course provides an excellent bridge into adapting your
counselling approach to working therapeutically with children and teenagers.

Module 1: Theoretical Orientation & Principles

Module 2: Case Work and Learning from Experience

The programme is informed by the BACP Counselling Children and Young People training
curriculum (4-18 years) and is designed to provide a comprehensive professional training in
counselling for young people aged 10-18 years. Academically, the programme will focus on
examining key theoretical frameworks which are relevant for working therapeutically with
children and young people. The philosophical approach of the programme offers an integration of an evidence-based Resilience Framework and the therapeutic conditions hypothesised by Carl Rogers (1957), (Rogers, C. R. (1957) Journal of Consulting Psychology, vol. 21, No 2,)

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Dates: May 18th - November 16th 2024

Duration: 6 months - 2 modules (5 days each)


Grove House, Uddingston


Cost: £1200 (exc VAT)

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