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School Kids

Committed to Improving Psychological Well-Being

Our Principles


With Research, Education and Governments 



We believe in a 'Whole School Approach' to learning 


Moving towards a stronger future through evidence-based practice



All our activities are person-centred and sensitive 



Beginning with the unique perspective of each child



Using activities & techniques proven to be effective in engagement

Local Authority


Meet The Team


 Emma is one of our founders and has worked in the field of mental health for 15 years. Emma is a psychotherapist and one of the directors of The TCS group, where she leads The Exchange-a specialist service for children and young people.

Her attention has since turned to developing training programmes and working strategically with external partners to enhance the quality of support available to children and young people.

Co-creator of the resource-based approach, she saw the opportunity for better quality resources to support those looking to build resilience.​

Emma has been with The TCS Group and The Exchange for 12 years, a fair change from her first job in a pet shop (she left because she didn't want to touch the fish!) Emma spends her weekends at the gym, watching football and exploring with her husband and son. ​​

She's also proud cat mumma to Big bad Blue &  Frank the tank – photos available on request. ​
As a bikini fitness competitor and keen snowboarder, Emma keeps healthy by munching on roast dinners, sprouts, cauliflower cheese & pizza!​

As one of the founders of Exchange Resource and director of The TCS Group, Kevin has been working in counselling and psychotherapy for almost 30 years.

His interest sparked at the age of 8, much to the bewilderment of his teachers. 


He shares Emma's passion for developing engaging resources and programmes for children and young people, though his second career option was as a Magician "The Great Kevaldo", which was grudgingly put aside in order to focus on more important career prospects.

Kevin is a keen cook and content whilst prepping a meal to share with family and friends. He shares his time between Scotland & Wales and can be found most weekends playing tennis, swimming or paragliding. 




Amy has worked in social care for most of her adult life, focusing on those with additional support needs and mental health disorders.

After deciding to take a different path from her degree in classical music, Amy found her calling and completed her counselling training in her mid twenties- she has been a part of the TCS group ever since.​

As well as being a Service Manager and Counsellor for The Exchange, Amy is our Training Manager at Exchange Resource, specialising in teaching others how to build resilience in children and young people through our catalogue of programmes. ​

You'll find her in the park with her son, or completing an extreme makeover at home on weekends, happily watched on by Izzy the dog and Bruce the cat. 

As our Training Coordinator, Rebecca keeps us all on track.

As well as working as a Contract Manager for TCS, Rebecca has previously worked as a senior account manager in finance and ran a call centre- she's no stranger to running a tight ship!


Her love of Greek and Turkish food stems from her 6 month stay in Turkey to rest, recoup and recover from a knee operation.


At weekends whilst trying to keep her daughter busy, she is also working hard exercising or enjoying strolls with Marley the dog.

Rebecca is a keen traveller and always looking forward to her next adventure.


Whole School Approach

Training Programmes
for children & young people 


Staff programmes designed to support well-being


Local Authority partners across Scotland & Wales

Primary & Secondary schools supported by us

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