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Mental Health Ambassadors


Our Teenage Resilience Project aims to build resilience in young people and in turn teach them how to support and build resilience in others.

Our online programme aims to teach participants about resilience and positive mental health. The sessions are non-threatening, interactive, and the content sensitively promotes the development of personal resources such as self-belief, self-esteem, self-confidence and social competence aimed at enhancing their ability to reach their full potential.


 Sessions are proactive and encourage participants to build their own portfolio of achievements in order to gain a certificated training award. The programme promotes the concepts of resilience and participants are empowered to share their newly learned skills in their own networks and in their own language. 

  • Learn about resilience and how to promote positive mental health

  • Participants receive a certificate to boost their extra curricular profile 

  • 6 Week Programme delivered online


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