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You Can Build Resilience

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing.


Our dedicated training team are ready to take you through each programme step-by-step. You will fully immerse yourself in the activities as a participant and learn first hand how children experience the intervention. We prepare you to deliver them to children and young people.

We'll provide you with your supplies to undertake all activities as you learn.

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Duration: 1 Day
Requirements: Level 1 Resilience Foundation
Cost: £250 per person - Group rates available

Please note we are able to integrate the Level 1 Resilience Foundation with any of the Resilience Building Programmes- contact us for more information.

Caterpillar to butterfly.png

caterpillar to butterfly
under 7s resilience building

Based upon the framework of the “Resource-based Approach” and the 6 principles within, this unique programme focuses on building resilience through immersive activities. All whilst following the progression of the caterpillar to butterfly journey. 

Centred around our book of “Clove the Caterpillar” the practitioner works through various scenarios in order to 
encourage children to consider their internal, external and social resources. Through a range of creative and imaginative activities, children discover the crucial pillars of measuring resilience  I have, I am and I can.

Who is it for?

  • Children aged 7 and under


dragon mountain
Self Regulation & Insight 

Keeping our feelings and emotions in check can be a struggle at times. Join our journey through many lands to become an adventurer.

Dragon Mountain takes a unique approach in encompassing mindfulness and meditation techniques along with resource-based theory to aid self-reflection and self-regulation.

Our Journey

  • To enhance self-awareness

  • To promote the ability to recognise thoughts, feelings and sensations and recognise these as transient elements of experience

  • To encourage the attitude of ‘turning towards’ challenge with kindly curiosity
    To grow the ability to self-soothe

  •  To promote greater confidence in managing difficult feelings


Who can come on board?

  • Children aged 5-11

dragon mountain.png
key to me.png

Key To Me
Building Self-Esteem

Every child is unique in their own way, but not all children can find a way to express their uniqueness.

The Key To Me programme promotes individuality and self-belief and guides the young person to unlock personal characteristics and discover their inner strength to shape a positive sense of self.

Goals I Can Achieve

  • Build self-esteem

  • Nurture self-confidence

  • Promote optimistic mindsets

  • Develop positive traits

  • Create a positive view of self


Who is it for?​

  • Children aged 7-11

Key to Me

The Friendship Shield 

Building Friendship Skills

Making friends isn’t easy for every child and it can really impact the way they feel in school and outside school.

The Friendship Shield helps children develop friendship building skills. Children will create their own ‘toolbox’ of skills to enhance their connection to peers leaving them ready to be a good friend and ready to make good friends!


Our Friendship Goals

  • Discover personal qualities

  • Build skills to make new friends

  • Learn conflict resolution techniques

  • Develop empathy and respect for others

  • Encourage teamwork

Who can we help build?

  • Children aged 7-11


the adventure programme
transition & change

Feeling strong, able, and ready to embrace Secondary School can be challenging for a young child transitioning from Primary School.

The Adventure programme was designed to prepare children for the next big chapter and to tackle Secondary School with a confident and optimistic mindset!

The destination of our Adventure

  • To promote a sense of security and stability

  • To encourage positivity and optimism

  • To enhance the child’s belief in themselves and in their ability to achieve

  • To promote the ability to self-regulate

  • To support the development of social competence skills


Who’s ready for our Adventure?

  • Children aged 10, 11 & 12


inside outside 


Our Inside Out programme helps children learn healthy ways of expressing difficult feelings, getting the inside stuff out!

Children are still learning how to manage their feelings and sometimes they might even hurt themselves as a way of getting rid of difficult feelings and frustrations.

  It helps the struggling child to get rid of emotional pain and move towards positive mental wellbeing.


  • Get out hurtful feelings

  • Learn fun ways of managing stress, anxiety, and emotional pain

  • Develop self-understanding

  • Improve emotional literacy

  • Build hope

               The Passengers

  • Children aged 7-11

inside out.png
Inside Out
I matter.png

I Matter Programme 
Parental Separation

Breakdown of family relationships is hard for everyone involved.

I Matter is designed to help support children through the breakdown of family relationships and has been created to help the child make sense of the world which is changing around them.


This means guiding them through the stormy seas of change.  Children will feel empowered to ‘grab an oar’ and learn how to row through the rough tides.


  • Promote autonomy

  • Restore sense of security

  • Build self-confidence

  • Develop skills to communicate 

  • Encourage optimism 

Who is it for?

  • Children aged 7-11

I Matter
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These programmes are exactly what we need, I now feel like I know how to support the children and do a good job of it!

Love the Manual!

I enjoyed the emphasis on the discussion, it was a reassuring course plus I picked up a lot of new tools to use

I developed a good understanding of empathizing and considering the internal world of a child from their perspective. I loved how encouraging the discussion was.

I feel we’ve been well equipped with the skills and knowledge to carry out these activities with our pupils, and I can’t wait to put it in to practise

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