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Psychological Wellbeing


 We can recognise the signs of struggle and difficulty in a young person. If we want to make a meaningful and sustainable difference to their wellbeing it is critical that we understand how the young person is being impacted by life events and which areas of resilience needs building up.

Through our years of experience we have developed our own measure of assessing the young persons' resources and in turn creating a development plan which aims to help build the resources which are needed to face adversity and develop resilience.


Our resource-based approach assesses resilience by looking at 3 core dimensions;

I Have
I Am
I Can

These 3 simple phrases then open the door to the broader complexity of the factors of resilience.

Our framework allows focused interventions to take place which respond to areas in a child's life where the resources are less and the protective factors require some strengthening.

Our assessment requires careful tutoring if it is to be appropriately applied.
Our programmes can teach you the correct way to properly use our toolkit, ensuring substantiated assessment practices.

The toolkit also serves as a requisite companion to some of our resilience building resources.


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