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A story of hope & healing

Years of experience working with children and young people who have experienced trauma has led us to create our own resources to build their resilience and support their healing.

The "BEAR" poem was created to provide a guide to a child who has experienced trauma's inner narrative. The accompanying resource pack includes activities to engage and open their dialogue. 

A child who has experienced trauma might need help to make sense of what's happened to them.

Using stories can help them create their own narrative. One which represents their inner world as they see it, not as others see it.  

build resilience in the face of adversity

The Hope & Healing Pack is available to purchase now.


  • BEAR Poem Print 

  • Audio Reading Download of Poem 

  • Resilience BEAR Soft Toy

  • Folded Individual Journey Map

  • x3 A3 Therapeutic Art Prints

  • Exclusive Printable Activity Pack


only £19.99


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