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Early Years Printable - Anxiety Pack

Early Years Printable - Anxiety Pack

This exclusive Early Years pack has been developed by our counsellors and early years team to provide fun, engaging, resilience-building activities.


Aims of this pack
• To help children learn about their strengths
• To encourage children to believe in their abilities
• To help children grow positive thinking styles
• To encourage positivity and optimism


Step 1 – Getting the Inside Stuff Out
Step 2 – Finding My Calm
Step 3 – Positive Thinking


Activities Include:

  • Play doh for Anxiety
  • Worry Clouds
  • My Different Worlds
  • 5 Minute Wonders
  • Big Breath Breathing
  • Mindful Moment
  • Pocketful of Rainbow


Perfect for Parents and Carers or those working in nurseries, reception, preschool and early years.


£9.99 for all 3 Early Years Packs

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