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Early Years Printable - Social & Emotional Regulation Pack

Early Years Printable - Social & Emotional Regulation Pack

This exclusive Early Years pack has been developed by our counsellors and early years team to provide fun, engaging, resilience-building activities.


These activities are designed for parents and carers to help children learn about emotions and 
manage ways of dealing with feelings.

The aim is to help children learn to recognise emotions and find useful and healthy ways to express 
themselves daily.

Resilience building can be fun, we hope you enjoy!

Including 6 Guided Meditation Audio clips


Step 1 – Learning about emotions
Step 2 – Managing emotions
Step 3 – Communicating emotions


Activities Include:

  • Me, myself & I
  • When & Then
  • My Den Meditation
  • Meditations
  • Dragon Breathing
  • How am I doing?
  • Comfort Cards


Perfect for Parents and Carers or those working in nurseries, reception, preschool and early years.


£9.99 for all 3 Early Years Packs

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