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BEAR - Child Resilience Hope & Healing - Digital Activity Pack

BEAR - Child Resilience Hope & Healing - Digital Activity Pack

Follow the story of BEAR and Quinn as they work together to help Quinn work through her emotional turbulence.


The pack includes useful stabilising activities and lots of creative ideas to help the child build up their sense of security and restore trusting relationships.


This pack also comes with access to a therapeutic audio reading of Quinn & BEAR's poem.


Each activity has been designed to target specific resilience resources using a variety of approaches such as dramatherapy, encouraging movement and mindful colouring. 

Digital Resource Pack containing 10 activities. Includes access to audio reading of Quinn's poem reading.


  • Quinn & BEAR - Hope & Healing Poem
  • Big BEAR Breaths
  • My Bear Guide
  • Really Important Raft
  • Good to Grow
  • Give Me 5
  • Little Lake in a Bottle
  • The Rough & Rugged River
  • I like to Move it, Move it
  • Calming Colouring
  • Looking Ahead



*Please note this pack is also available FREE when you purchase from our Hope & Healing range of BEAR Child Resilience Assessment Kit.


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Beautifull and easy to use :-)

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