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Inner Active Cards

Inner Active Cards

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These powerful cards developed by Sharon Sargent Eckstein the Illustrator of  Parts Work: an Illustrated Guide to Your Inner Life, by Tom Holmes, PhD. Sharon is also the creator and publisher of Inner Active Cards, a boxed set of 75 durable colour illustrated cards  that depict the inner life of “Parts”.  When used in Parts Work therapy, Inner Active Cards have proven to bring clarity, efficiency, transformation and Self-Leadership to the inner lives of troubled clients. Illustration only.


Inner Active Cards are a sensitive, yet powerful way to help a person view different aspects of who they are and their life. They are a very useful tool to help a person 'get the inside stuff out', explore different perspectives and develop self-awareness. 

An excellent resource for supporting psychological wellbeing 

A must have Therapy Resource!

Suitable for 12+


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