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Inner Active - Engaging Silence - Digital Activity Pack

Inner Active - Engaging Silence - Digital Activity Pack

Engaging with Silence - Making meanings together when working with adolescents using Inner Active Cards.             


 Contains 6 Printable Activities

- Mind the Gap
- If my feeling was a...
- Mood Journey
- A Time When
- Feel Good in 5
- My Inner Active


This pack is designed to encourage the creativity and support the connection between the adult and the adolescent. There are many reasons why words are not sufficient when building collaborative engagement with a young person. This pack wants to carefully suggest some ideas which are not threatening, but which can be engaging. This is a worthwhile activity because it builds the bridge across the gap between your world where you are and my world and where I am. It is worthwhile because then a dialogue can begin and it is not important where the dialogue begins, its where it goes that matters.


Inner Active Cards©/™ Sharon Sargent Eckstein & Backwoods Press, 2012


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