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STOP anger in its tracks!

#MentalHealthWeek focuses on loneliness – Did you know feelings of loneliness can emerge as anger in children and young people?

Loneliness can often stem from feeling misunderstood or being unable to cope with our own emotions. When talking to children and young people it’s crucial to be mindful of their experience. Feeling misunderstood or alone can build frustration which can then become outbursts of anger or aggression. 😡

Our new FREE Anger Mountain worksheet aims to create a narrative around these feelings and their causes. 🗻

When we feel angry or frustrated it can be difficult to cool ourselves back down. Whatever triggers the angers builds until we reach the top and then slowly calm back down again. But how can we help children recognise this and stop them reaching the peak of the anger?

If we recognise our feelings and what things can help us to calm down, we can work to regulate these feelings before they explode! Self-regulation is a key component in building resilience in children and young people. A key element is learning how we can regulate our feelings. 😡

This activity focuses on what triggers our feelings and what has lead us to feel this way- quite often anger is a projection of a build up of a mix of other feelings.

Pick a character to cut out and talk through your Anger climb – what do you look like at each stage? How can you prevent those feelings escalating?

Try our Anger Mountain Activity for FREE now - Available in our exclusive Free Resource Library.

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