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Our range of resources

Specifically designed resources to support you in building resilience in children & young people. 

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Arts & Crafts
Boy Holding Books

"Solar System"
East Ayrshire Pupil

 "jeez, I didn't know how many people I had in my life that cared about me until I looked at this" 

Child Model

"I Matter"
Swansea Pupil

"I was scared talking about this first of all, I cried when we first met but now I don't feel sad anymore and I have things to help me now when I am feeling sad or angry, I have my box at home and I add things to it and I can look at my comfort cards if I need them but I haven't needed them yet"

Child Model


"I was so upset last night and I looked at my comfort menu and I picked two things from it to do and I calmed down and fell asleep and I slept all night, it really does help"

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