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The Secret is Out!

We are delighted to finally share that we have just released our first book - "The Curious Change of Clove the Caterpillar".

This is a book with a purpose - to encourage discussion with children about the resilience resources they need in order to thrive.

Developed by our counsellors, the concept of Clove the Caterpillar was initially created as part of our resilience building programmes which support mental health & wellbeing in children and young people. From there, Clove blossomed into a well-loved character and so the story of Clove was born.

What’s the point in the story?🐛 Creators Madi & Amy talk through how the story of Clove came to be and how it can be used as a resilience building resource.

The story subtly explores the 3 dimensions of psychological resilience; “I have, I am and I can” through Clove’s perspective. We hope Clove’s journey will aid children & young people in developing their resilience resources. We would encourage the after reading discussion at the back once you have finished.

Clove the Caterpillar was created as a resilience building resource to aid the development of psychological wellbeing in children & young people. Perfect as a story time in a classroom or group setting or as a therapeutic accompaniment to support mental health and wellbeing.

Shop Clove as a Paperback or for Kindle now:

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