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Free Action Calendar

Free downloadable Action Calendar which can help in managing anxiety, building stability and mood boosting.

For many young people daily routines can be a struggle. With many circumstances out with their control and an increase in non-traditional family environments, the need for a small piece of stability can have a critical effect on their mental health and well-being.

As humans we like to know what’s ahead of us and disruptions to this can make us feel unsettled. Usually we get our stability from things which we probably take for granted.

Routines such as getting up, going to school, going home and to different after school activities, hobbies and just about anything that you would expect to see in your typical week, creates that feeling of stability. These might not be things that you always like doing but the fact that you know they will be happening helps you prepare psychologically for the week ahead.

An action calendar can allow young people to feel some control over their own routine. By focusing on activities such as listening to music or cooking a meal, the young person can build in some predictability to their week. For many suffering with anxiety, small manageable tasks which are noted in advance can help prevent feeling overwhelmed.

The calendar is the perfect base to combat a number of difficulties:

Teenagers with anxiety could benefit from having their day divided into small manageable tasks.

For mood-boosting why not try categorising activities in relation to different areas of wellness; exercise, diet, relaxation

For younger children, you can fill out the weeks activities in advance to allow for awareness of what's ahead.

Our "Action Calendar" is available to download:

Action Calendar
Download PDF • 596KB

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