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Is there a right way to support their mental health?

Whether it be home or school, an aligned approach is the way to go to support psychological resilience.

Often times when our counsellors and practitioners are working with children and young people there is a reoccurring theme. The small timeframe they have together can be invaluable and help make real progress with the young person. However, what happens next? Back in a home or school environment and it can be difficult to maintain that progress.

In order to support psychological resilience in children, we champion an all encompassing approach. We align with the "whole-school approach" and work closely with parents and carers to ensure young people are supported in all aspects of their lives.

Parental Support

What can I do to support my child? Our counsellors and practitioners are often asked how parents and carers can support their child's mental health and wellbeing.

We've just launched our Parents Page. Full of useful tips, ideas and Free Resources for you to support the wellbeing of children and young people. Our Parents Page provides tips and resources to help families work together to support their mental health and wellbeing.

From invaluable Active Listening advice to our ideas to make mornings easier, we have collated invaluable feedback from the parents we work with.

Read more & download the FREE resources>

A Whole-School Approach

In order to fully support the mental health of children and young people, we have to extend beyond one dimension- not just home or school but rather an all encompassing shared purpose.

Our dynamic and collaborative model of psychological wellbeing and resilience-building aligns with the “Whole School Approach”.

As a teacher or support staff we appreciate the hurdles involved in ensuring a calm and open environment in class. We've found that small additions to the school day routine can have a substantial impact on children's mental health. Working alongside the child to understand what situations are overwhelming and discussing coping strategies can resolve potential difficulties.

We have developed School Coping Strategies with little things that can really have an impact. Simple activities such as breathing exercises can help a child refocus and self-regulate.

Download our top tips and resources>

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